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Jan and Pia - Rui


Buenos Aires, 2008

Dear Maria!

Now we are back to "normal life" in Gothenburg again. To be in Buenos Aires at your hotel together with you and your wonderful friends and guests was like a fantastic dream for us .When we try to describe for our friends we say that all our romantic expactations came true!-like beeing in a film....Your warm and generous personality is very closed to ours , because of that it felt as though we have known eachother for many years! As you understand it´s hard to find words for all the fantastic experiences you gave us; all the authentic local milongas, our fantastic barbeques,meeting your son and all he helped us with, meeting Susanna and your friends at our unforgetable party,the fine lessons and meetings with Luis and Andrea. Our warm and humoristic dinners with Rui............ We are really longing back to BA to be with you and to stay at your fantastic tangohotel! It was very interesting to watch the pictures of the renovation.Now we understand more........You created a paradisehotel for tangolovers!! We will try to send you some photos soon-our, son Mika will help us.

Friends forever!!

Love from Pia and Jan

“This has been a remarkable dinner. Maybe the best of several we had together. We keep our special bottle of wine at the house. It was Federico´s idea.

Hope we manage to have it together.

And friends for ever, of course.”

Gracias, Federico.

Abrazos para ti e tu Madre.