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Buenos Aires, 2012

It is indeed an honor to describe my experience in Buenos Aires through Mariatango and La Casa.

Fourteen years ago just after discovering tango, I wanted to go to CITA and a friend recommended that I stay at the home of Maria Teresa Lopez. Little did I know at that time that I would begin a journey of tango which would take me five times to Buenos Aires. What a gift to find Maria's home so welcoming, and an opportunity to meet other tangueros from all over the world. Maria's bed and breakfast was very reasonable economically and was personalized through escorts to milongas and planned tours to places of interest in Buenos Aires. Maria or an assistant often invited us to dinner, which enabled us to enjoy the fine dining, the local cuisine, and an opportunity to get to know each other.

On the second trip I stayed for 10 days in a hotel as the workshop I was attending was held there. When the workshop ended, I went immediately to Maria Teresa's to stay the rest of the month. I realized that her house was my home away from home. I could go with the group to milongas and other activities or I could explore the city on my own, which I did quite often.

It would take a great deal of space to describe my tango adventure, but it is important to state that I would not stay anywhere else but with my friend Maria Teresa. Because I chose to stay at Maria's, I was personally accompanied to an exciting professional futbol game, Maria took me to hear one of my favorite musicians and invited him to have dinner with us at her house, and Maria's assistant planned a birthday party for me in her rooftop apartment where a group of us danced tango under the stars. These are just a few of the special gifts I have received through my stay at La Casa.

Muchas gracias, Maria.