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Buenos Aires, 2013

For many years I have enjoyed staying in the house of Maria Tango.

The safety of this refuge in the centre of the large ever beautiful city of Buenos Aires is of particular value to me. Then of course the comfort of "going home" I know exactly how the house is kept. The rooms are always kept clean, the bathrooms are hygenic. As soon as you arrive at the house, there is an immediate sense of welcome. Located in one of the oldest parts of Buenos Aires, it is thriving with history and growth. Some neighbours have lived in the same house that their parents grew up in. Generations have grown up here, gone to one of the local schools, eat at the same resteraunts with the tourists and the neighbours. The residents are mixed with newcomers as well as the eclectic.

This inner city neighourhood makes transportation a cinch. The major bus routes, the subway, taxis are all accessible.

In the several years of return visits, I have met many interesting people who are also staying at Maria Tango as guests. Many like myself return, again and again. Often we meet by concidence during our return stays.

Although the majority of the guests are drawn to Buenos Aires due to their interest in tango. Some like myself discovered tango through the exposure from Maria Teresa and her many friends. But that is not all there is to learn in Argentina.

There is a vibrant art community including film as well as visual. European/Argentinian fashion is exciting. Eating out is affordable for any meal and fun to be part of the social life of the porteños.

Many times I have used the house of Maria Tango as a base from which I travel to many parts of the country for exploring the cities and vast countryside of Argentina. Thanks many times over for the aid that the staff at Maria Tango have helped me with arrangements and suggestions.