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Buenos Aires, 2014

In early May, I travelled to Buenos Aires for the first time to learn the tango first hand.

I had made a reservation to live at Maria Tango's House for travelling tango dancers. I stayed at Maria Tango's for the two weeks I was there.

It's a beautiful place. My room which has its own facilities with a shower opens up into an interior courtroom bathed by the sun during the day and allowing us to see the stars at night.

The kitchen which is made available to the guests includes a gas stove and oven which I used to cook meals, including a roasted chicken.


There is a studio which is also made available to the guests where my beautiful tango teacher taught me the tango. When I wasn't learning, I could still use the studio, any time of day or night to practice to tango music made available through CDs and a sound system which is there for the guests' pleasure.

Maria Tango's House is right behind Santa Rosa de Lima Basilica in downtown Buenos Aires. That is close to a number of the most popular milongas of Buenos Aires. One can either walk there or take one of the 4000 inexpensive taxis of Buenos Aires. The drivers are friendly and the fare cheap. Nearby are all sorts of small businesses where you can find food to prepare at Maria Tango's, restaurants with affordable menus and good food, Laundromats where your clothes can be washed inexpensively.

I was fortunate to have Maria Teresa, and a good friend Susana, accompany me to milongas where they showed me the how to of tango dancing in Buenos Aires. Susana had come to pick me up at the airport when I arrived, and drove me back to the airport when I left.

Maria Teresa Tango house.

I look forward to staying at Maria Teresa Tango house

The next time I go to Buenos Aires, and I hope it is soon, I will be making reservations to stay at Maria Tango's. Without any hesitation.