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Buenos Aires, 2014

I want to thank you and Frederico for making me so welcome at your charming, comfortable, and delightful Casa Maria Tango.

Everything went so smoothly and according to plan.

It was delightful being serenaded by Luis during the ride from the airport.

What a charmer!

Frederico, you were so wonderful to welcome me, show me around the Casa, explain the area with maps, and take the time to work out the details for the tour on Sunday with Maria Leila.

The amount I saw exceeded my expectations.

I shall email Maria Leila to thank her.

The bus transfer to and from the Tango show was a lovely surprise and I enjoyed the show very much.

Thank you for loaning me the pesos as back up, Frederico. I very much wanted to give you a "thank you" tip but was low on cash at the end. I will try to find a way to make it up to you!

Sorry my flight was so early and had to wake you up. Hope you got back to sleep.

Maria Theresa, I loved my evening with you at the Milonga. It was special to see how ordinary people do these dances - such focus, concentration to create two bodies moving as one to the music. I enjoyed learning about the culture surrounding the Milongas too. Our dinner together was a wonderful finale to my visit, sharing our life stories and learning about your work and your life living in the centre of beautiful, sophisticated and cultural Buenos Aires.

My visit to Buenos Aires, although so brief, has been one of the most memorable experiences of my travels - largely thanks to the warmth, caring and sharing atmosphere you, Frederico, Maria Leila her friend/driver Christiana and Luis created for me.