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Buenos Aires, 2015

Hello Aleksandra and Maria Teresa

I have visited Buenos Aires before and had a wonderful time. I do not speak Spanish but had no problems getting around because of the help I got from the wonderful people at the Tango house.

This is what made my trip so wonderful

The guest at the Tango house were from all over the world and were very distinguished. There were people of all different professions, and the conversations at breakfast and dinner were always very interesting and educational.

There were the choices of going out in a group, and also going out on a one to one basis with a personal guide. It felt very much like being at home but in a different country.

I visited every district in Buenos Aires and experience the culture and uniqueness of each area first hand. We did not only see the main tourist areas.

I visited the art galleries, and museums. The location of the Tango house made it very easy to do a walking tour of the most interested areas of Buenos Aires.

I was able to walk from the Tango House all the way to the Casa Rosada, stopping at the Congreso, Café Tortoni, Galleria Pacifica, and to the Rio del Plata and many other interesting spots.

Going to the Milongos, and the Tango shows was a real treat. Visiting other types of music venues such as Jazz clubs would be great. It would give a different perspective of the music. Visiting the opera house would also be a treat. I have been watching a show on Buenos Aires, and there seem to be many interesting night spots in Palermo.

Organizing a tour outside of Buenos Aires would also be very interesting.

As I think of anything else I will contact you.

All my love to Maria Teresa and the rest of you.

Hope to see you some time.