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Buenos Aires, 2015


I went to Buenos Aires to study tango for 40 days with no idea what I would actually do, no teachers lined up and not knowing the language. Luckily, my Florida tango teacher put me in touch with Maria Teresa and I arranged to stay at her tango house. By the way, she was one of, if not the first person to open a tango house 25 years ago. From the first contact, I knew I was in good hands. She had a plan!

Maria Teresa planned everything! Being a fairly new dancer, I was happy that she took me to afternoon milongas where my lack of skill wasn’t embarrassing. She hooked me up with another woman staying at her house to go to late milongas with. She discovered I loved art and theatre so she made sure we attended some cultural events and art galleries.

Every day she would email to suggest the itinerary for the next day…and you could take it or leave it (I usually took it). She became a friend and confidante. She came to the house to go out to eat with us, have a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, to make sure we were happy and not having any troubles.

I felt so completely taken care of! Being there on my own, I wasn’t on my own at all, this wonderful woman saw to it that I had contacts, people who would dance with me, teachers, money changed, directions and a great time.

Thank you, Maria Teresa!