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Buenos Aires, 2014

I escaped the August heat in Austin by traveling to the ‘wintertime' in Buenos Aires, the birthplace of Tango, and wore holes in my dancing shoes dancing almost every night at many Milongas or dances (Photo#1). The tango ‘orquestas’ (photo #2) with violins & bandoneon start performing 1:30 in the morning (it’s a different rhythm!); I took my own bandoneon lesson (#3) with Luis, and it’s harder than it looks, 33-38 buttons per side and the note changes whether you’re pulling out or pushing in the bellows; Sipping coffee at beautiful CafeTortoni where you can see great tango shows (#4); the creative Latinos seem to have fun everywhere--including the subway (#5).

I bought art from the artists in Las Boca, BsAs historic port area where painter, Quinquela Martin painted the hardships of the working class (#6). I enjoyed a tango class with Jorje Firpo (7) and Aurora Lubiz; The Argentina’s president’s house isn’t white down south, it's Casa Rosada (8); You can get a meat sandwich on the street for $2, and there’s plenty of meat and potatoes for everyone (9); Dancing the night and morning away at one of BsAs old tango salon (10).

I had coffee at an old opera house-in-the-round that was turned into a book store (11). On a side trip to Las Cataratas at Iguazu, one of the 7 natural wonders of the world, Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina all meet. It's amazing to see over 260 water falls in almost one, wet eyeful (12 & 13); Aleksandra selects some dangerous treats (14); I really enjoyed meeting her, a good friend and dancer, where we stayed together at lovely Maria’s Tango House (15).

Back home in Austin after a wet summer, all is green, wild and alive. Enjoy the cooling off ad growing nights.