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USA, San Francisco

Buenos Aires, November 2014

I met MariaTheresa while searching for a decent place to live while studying tango singing and castellano. Maria had an apartment coming available, and I was able to move into a room until the apartment was ready. I was in Buenos Aires to study tango singing and castellano, explore the music scene and the queer milongas. This hundred-year-old house, with its tranquil inner patio, jasmine vines and dance salon, became my home for two months. The little loft apartment has everything one would want or need for the independent traveler - a decent little kitchen and refrigerator, good bathroom with nice tub/shower, comfortable couch, tall ceilings and plenty of storage. Its a lovely place with exposed brick wall, an airy inner patio. It was a good place to practice because the thick walls meant that I wouldn;t wake any sleeping tangueros by singing scales. When my lover, Karen, came to visit, we enjoyed cooking and shopping for vegetables, fruit and cheeses, all within walking distance of the apartment. The highlight of this experience was a party I threw at Maria's tango house for the members of Lucrecia Merico's singer's workshop. There were maybe twenty of us singers enjoying the old house and we went into the dance salon for impromptu singing. It was a beautiful night, memorable. Maria is involved in the arts and familiar with the museums, theaters, dancers, actors and musicians of Buenos Aires. She and her sister Marta provided me many suggestions for places to visit. We heard several concerts - at Antidomingo, Cafe La Boheme, the Biblioteca Nacional, and Boliche de Roberto. And I enjoyed many quiet summer night conversations with Maria in the patio. I reccomend her place for short or long-term stays. Gigi